“People who respect nothing dread fear,” Al Capone once said. “It is upon fear, therefore, that I have built up my organization. But understand me correctly, please. Those who work with me are afraid of nothing. Those who work for me are kept faithful, not so much because of their pay as because they know what might be done with them if they broke faith.”

     That about sums up the Outfit by the Outfit’s most famous boss.

     Listed below are some more quotes from past and present Chicago gangsters and their collaborators, including quotes from those who turned on the Outfit as informants and cooperating witnesses.

*    *    *

Tony Accardo - I have no knowledge of a crime family in Chicago.

“Joey Doves” Aiuppa - If you can’t stand up, I don’t want to talk to you. We’re men, we’re friends, we try to help each other.

Harry “the Hook” Aleman - Murder in Chicago is okay if you kill the right people.

Frank “the Horse” Buccieri - I don’t want any part of anything anymore.

Nick Calabrese - I was loyal because I was afraid. And I was a chicken and a coward because I didn’t walk away from it.

Jackie “the Lackey” Cerone - You can’t drink when you’re working. You might take unnecessary chances.

Bob Cooley - Getting shot or even killed was not my biggest worry. My worst fear was torture.

Gerry Covelli - The mobsters will shoot my head off if they get a chance.

Chuckie Crimaldi - I’ve broken arms, and I’ve broken legs, and I’ve watched a man die with a knife in his throat. But most of them had it coming, so what’s the difference? I have no regrets.

Marco D’Amico - Nobody wears a wire on us and lives to tell about it.

Sam “Mooney” Giancana - What’s wrong with the syndicate anyhow? Two or three of us get together on some deal and everybody says it’s a bad thing. Other businessmen do it all the time and nobody squawks.

Rocky Infelise - I don’t want to see none of us going to jail. But if you got fucking to live in the fear that something like that is going to happen, you might as well get a fucking lunch bucket and go to work . . . I know for me it’s probably a fucking death sentence, you know. But fuck ’em. I got most of my affairs straightened out. My family’s taken care of. I don’t care . . . I had a pretty good life. I can’t beef.

B.J. Jahoda - I would rather be shot on the street than be the only square in the witness protection program. Everyone in the program is a fink, a rat and a swindler, and I just don’t qualify.

“Dago Lawrence” Mangano - Us public enemies got to stick together.

Lenny Patrick - I don’t like to testify, but I don’t want to die in prison.

Mario Rainone - What’s it all about? Nevermind what it’s all about. It’s about if you want to, you want where you don’t get hurt and your kids don’t get hurt, you pay the fucking money!

Paul “the Waiter” Ricca - I don’t know anything about the Mafia.

Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal - I have no regrets.

Tony “the Ant” Spilotro - I don’t care whether I live or die.

Johnny Torrio - I own the police.