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Crime Scene Photos

WARNING: Some of these photos are VERY GRAPHIC in nature.

Al Capone’s ace triggerman, “Machine Gun Jack” McGurn (real name Vincenzo Gibaldi), alleged mastermind of the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, became a nuisance to Capone’s successors; shot to death in a bowling alley, Feb. 15, 1936; a comic Valentine card was found lying on the floor near his corpse.

Gaetano “Black Tom” Oneglia, early Near North Side mob leader; pictured here, slain in a barber chair, Dec. 6, 1943; he and others plotted to kill interim boss Tony Accardo and take over the Outfit; the bosses learned of the plot and struck first; Oneglia’s murder was followed by a handful of other conspirators who were slain over the next three years.

The body of ex-Chicago Police Lieutenant William J. (Bill) Drury; reportedly fired when he wouldn‘t stop investigating an Outfit hit; fed information about Outfit operations to reporters and set to testify before the Kefauver Crime Committee; shot to death with a handgun and shotgun as he backed his car into the garage of his Chicago home, Sept. 25, 1950, shortly prior to his scheduled testimony; informant claimed the hit was committed by the “Three Doms” (North Side mob enforcers Dom Nuccio, Dom DiBella, Dom Brancato). Read a story about the “Three Doms.”

Mob turncoat Gerry Covelli testified against the mob in 1962; the wreckage of his car after it was bombed and he was killed, June 18, 1967. Read a story about Covelli.

The 1975 gangland rub-out of the Outfit’s former top boss, Sam Giancana; killed in the basement of his suburban Oak Park home by a trusted friend, June 19; shot once in the back of the head, once in the mouth, and five times under the chin as he fried a late-night snack in his basement kitchen; silencer-equipped murder weapon (inset) later found lying beside a road. Read a story about Giancana.

Mob turncoat Lou Bombacino testified against the mob in 1970; the wreckage of his car after it was bombed and he was killed, Oct. 6, 1975. Read a story about Bombacino.

The Outfit calls it “trunk music,” killed and stuffed into the trunk of a car; pictured here are the bodies of Jay Campise and Johnny Gattuso, the latter a Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy in addition to being an Outfit guy; in early 1983 they screwed up the hit on mob gambling boss Ken “Tokyo Joe” Eto, which turned him into a cooperating witness; arrested for attempted murder, the inept hitmen were brutally killed months later after making bail. Read a related story.

Dire consequences of life in the Mafia; autopsy photo of Chuckie English (real name Charles Inglesia) after mob hitmen gunned him down in the parking lot of an Elmwood Park restaurant, Feb. 13, 1985; once a street boss in charge of jukebox, gambling, and other rackets on the West Side, he ran afoul of the Outfit bosses and paid the ultimate price.

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