Noted In Passing
Harry “The Hook” Aleman
(Jan. 19, 1939 - May 15, 2010)

   May 20, 2010 – Mob enforcer Harry S. Aleman died of cancer this past Saturday (May 15). He was serving what amounted to a life sentence in the Illinois Department of Corrections for a 1972 mob-tied murder. He was 71.

      Known by some as “The Sheik” (for his dapper threads) and by others as “The Hook” (originally a boxing nickname), he was feared by all Chicagoans throughout the 1970s as the Outfit’s premiere hitman. He relished his reputation as a ruthless gangster. But that reputation would contribute to his downfall and doomed him to die in a prison hospital.

      The information compiled below chronicles the alleged crimes of this late mobster.


      The government wants everybody to be a stool pigeon . . . and I’m never going to become a stool pigeon.
           – Harry Aleman, convicted murderer

      Everybody looked up to him because his family was supposed to be in the Mafia . . . He [bragged] that he wanted to be a hitman. I guess he had to announce to everybody that he was starting to kill people for money or kill people who didn’t listen to him.
           – Louis Almeida, former mob associate

      [Harry Aleman] was, if not the worst, certainly one of the most infamous hit men in the history of crime in Chicago. He was cold-blooded.
           – Vic Switski, Chicago police detective and organized crime investigator

      Harry did like that New York style where the hit is done out in the open, in a restaurant. He absolutely didn’t fear the Chicago Police Department.
           – Jack O’Rourke, retired FBI agent and organized crime investigator

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