Al Capone    Everybody knows Scarface, the nickname of notorious Chicago mob boss Al Capone. But have you heard of the Big Tuna? How about Mooney? Or Jimmy the Monk, The Saint, Needle Nose, Cherry Nose . . . No Nose? Any of those names pique your interest? If so, take your coat off and stay awhile.

      On this site you will read about and look at pictures of notorious past and present Chicago gangsters with nicknames like that and more. Here you will learn their coded language, learn about things they’ve said, and much more. Here you will find out about the lives and crimes, arrests and times, and criminal convictions, punishments, and end results of the most notorious organized crime figures who ever called the Chicago area home.

      The newest featured story here is In Bad Company: The Story of a Mafia Car Thief Who Exposed Chicago’s Chop Shop Wars. The introduction reads: “In 1970s Chicago a man named Alex Jaroszewski does a 180, quitting his job and pursuing a criminal lifestyle for the first time in his life. Breaking out as a car thief after his recruitment by a charismatic and cunning Outfit guy, he sees the so-called Chop Shop Wars, the worst mob war in Chicago since Prohibition, unfold before his eyes. In way over his head, he must become a federally protected witness to escape death.”

      Previous featured stories include Bad Career Move: The Accardo Burglar Murders and A Deal With The Devil: The Gerry Covelli Story. Short stories include the 1975 murder of former Outfit boss Sam Giancana and the recent deaths of mob hitman Harry “the Hook” Aleman and mob extortionist Anthony “Jeep” Daddino.

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